Versions and Updates


  • New feature: residual plots (residuals vs. x-variable, residuals vs. fitted values, normal plot of residuals, histogram of residuals, residuals vs. observation order)
  • New feature: correlation matrix (performs linear correlation between all pairs of a list of given variables)
  • Change: updated to use JFreeChart version 1.0.17
  • Change: charts are no longer always on top of other windows of the program


  • Bug fix: Changed the implementation of how inverse cumulative probability is rounded in order to remove locale-related errors
  • Bug fix: Cells in datasheet should display no more decimal places than necessary
  • Bug fix: Corrected the spelling of menu item "Multinomial Experiments" under the Statistics menu


  • Change: Reduced space at the beginning of the log window
  • Change: Added warning for large sample size in Ryan-Joiner test for normality
  • Change: Changed font face in log window to san-serif


  • Bug fix: ArbitraryDataPatternDialog, BinomialSampleDialog, IntegerSampleDialog, SimpleNumberPatternDialog, SampleFromColumnDialog, NormalSampleDialog, UniformSampleDialog -- check for invalid input columns
  • Bug fix: CI1PopMeanDialog, DescriptiveStatisticsDialog -- check for invalid input columns
  • Change: ContingencyTableDialog, MultipleRegressionDialog, OneWayANOVADialog -- allow selecting multiple columns in input lists; focus is set to the OK button
  • Change: CorrelationRegressionDialog, RankCorrelationDialog -- clear input list button; focus is set to the OK button
  • Change: HyTest1PopVarDialog -- enable/disable textboxes when corresponding radio buttons are selectect/deselected


  • New feature: Transpose dialog: convert column to/from Row
  • New feature: Charts are saved in a project file
  • Bug fix: In Row Statistics, invalid inputs are checked
  • Bug fix: binomial probability density calculation uses factln
  • Bug fix: factorial function uses gammaln
  • Bug fix: Poisson probability density calculation uses ln to avoid overflow
  • Change: In Descriptive Statistics and Standardize: variable names are displayed with column labels in outputs
  • Change: In Confidence Interval > 1-Population Mean, multiple columns are allowed as inputs
  • Change: display warning before charts are closed
  • Change: text displayed in drop-down menus is restrict in length


  • New feature: Exponential Probability Distribution
  • New feature: Percentile (in descriptive statistics)
  • Bug fix: in descriptive statistics: trimmed mean text box enabled/disabled behavior, boundary conditions for Q1 and Q3, outputs do not include empty tables
  • Change: display descriptive statistics items in help index


  • New feature: Cross tabulation and Chi-square


  • New feature: Kruskal-Wallis Test
  • New feature: Rank Correlation
  • New feature: Runs Test
  • Change: For linear regression results, display test statistics and critical values for both t and r
  • Change: In data window, use no more digits than necessary to represent a number (e.g. 9.3 instead of 9.300) and show at most 6 decimal places; use tooltips to show exact numerical values in cells


  • New feature: Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test
  • New feature: Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test
  • Bug fix: hypothesis test conclusion tool
  • Bug fix: data layout of Excel files are preserved when opened
  • Change: all dialogs are fitted into compact layout so that they will be viewed completely on screens with low resolutions
  • Change: the most recently used file and project are remembered in order to set the default directory and file filter of file dialogs


  • New feature: plot option in non-linear regression dialog
  • New feature: icons for a number of menu items
  • New feature: sign test
  • Bug fix: fixed power non-linear regression calculation
  • Bug fix: non-linear regression calculations for SSR, SST, and SSE
  • Change: input variable selections for linear two-variable correlation and regression (select a pair of x and y variables at a time)


  • Bug fix: In scatterplot, regression curves are shown only when user selects the option.
  • Change: Built-in datasets are ordered alphabetically.


  • New feature: automatic option in frequency table
  • New feature: added 11 built-in datasets (from Scott Guth)
  • Change: Hypothesis test conclusion tool is moved to Statistics menu > Hypothesis Tests


  • New feature: incorporated JavaHelp in documentation--providing table of contents, index, and search functions
  • New feature: check for new version and download the latest version tool
  • New feature: status bar and status-bar help messages for dialogs
  • New feature: auto save feature (save file to a temporary file periodically)
  • New feature: Window menu maintains a list of chart frames created
  • New feature: non-linear line fits in scatterplots
  • Change: application maximized by default
  • Change: dialog history has no duplicate history items
  • Change: exit button for dialog history internal frame
  • Change: Clear Input List button added to one-way ANOVA, multiple regression, and contingency table dialogs
  • Bug fix: new lines are now saved to file correctly
  • Bug fix: file status is updated when copying/pasting using keyboard shortcuts


  • New feature: fixed power model in non-linear regression model
  • New feature: edit last dialog and dialog history
  • Bug fix: frequency table dialog radio buttons
  • Bug fix: Internal row and column counters in SpreadsheetModel are updated after row/column insertions


  • First beta version